There are several risks you run when you work for an escort service in London.

This is especially true when you happen to work for a cheap London escorts service like me. We are so much busier than some of the elite escort services that you will find around London, and one thing leads to another. Of course, this means that you are busier dating and meet a lot more gentlemen. When you are out about in London, it is all too easy to run into them. Some of the girls who are new to work for a cheap London escorts service, or any escort for that matter, may not know how to handle the situation. When I first started to escort, I was rather clueless about things like that as well, and I tended to not acknowledge them at all. In recent years, I have learned that is not the thing to do. Of course, it is more difficult to know what to do when you meet them with their family. Most of the gentlemen I date at the cheap London escorts service of that I work for at the moment, tend to be single. They have either been divorced or never got married in the first place. Saying hello to them is not so hard, and I always say hello. You have to be a little bit careful when you bump into them as they may think that you would like to go on a private date. Believe me, I have had many gents try to chat me up when I have been out shopping or something like that. Should you have a coffee? If it is a gentleman who contacts me a lot at the cheap London escorts service that I work for at the moment, I don’t have an issue with having a coffee with them at all. I will sit down and have a nice chat, and just in general talk about other things that I don’t talk to them about at London escorts. You kind of create a personal connection with them, and I think that is really important when you see that person a lot. What about having dinner with them? I would not stop and have dinner with one of my dates. It is a professional thing. If they would like to have dinner with me, and enjoy a dinner date, they should really be calling the cheap London escorts service that I work for instead of asking me out in private. Other girls may have a different take on it, but the truth is that you may be missing out on a date, and that means missing out on an earnings opportunity. I rather put some extra money in my back pocket than spend my day off from the escort agency in London dining a gent who I know will pay for a dinner date. Like I always say, I do provide a professional escort service.

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