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In today’s article, together with Aliya from Sandhurst Escorts, we are going to talk about very Soft topic – the choice of sheets for your bed. The days, when a set of bedding has been a deficit have passed long time ago. Today we have a variety of choices on the market!

However, by this variety of different options we are often forced to go into prostration: what to choose – cotton or satin? Which fabric is the best for bedding?


Luckily, we have Aliya from Sandhurst Escorts of Together we will try to answer the most difficult question in the selection of bedding: which is a better material? When you look at the choices, first of all you have to notice the label. This is where you can find such important information as the composition of the tissue and its density.


Composition. It is better to choose a natural material: they are hygroscopic, remove moisture well, and allow the body to “breathe”, which guarantees a comfortable and healthy sleep.


The density of the weave. This figure is “responsible” for the durability and longevity of the sheet, as well as its breathability and thermal insulation properties. A reasonable question arises: how to choose the fabric for your bed? With help of Aliya from Sandhurst Escorts, we would get to know the details.


100% cotton. It is the most common material in the manufacture bed sheets; it is more practical than linen, and cheaper than silk. It is used as pure cotton and fiber as part of mixed fabrics. By type of weaving, there exist several options of cotton basis: Calico, batiste, satin, flannel, etc. Cotton bedding has no current, is not slippery, and does not stick to the body; it is comfortable to sleep with at any season.


However, Aliya from Sandhurst Escorts prefers satin. Satin is another member of the material from cotton group. Its main difference and “highlight” – weaving twisted yarns through which the fabric takes on a beautiful smooth and shiny surface. The tighter the twist of fibers is, the more expressive is the luster on satin fabric. Satin has a silky texture; it is gentle, soft and smooth. It drapes beautifully, slips, barely wrinkled and resistant to abrasion. It also has more colors: bright and rich prints line will remain so for at least the 200-300 washes!


Aliya from Sandhurst Escorts notices, that if you choose satin – you could get a piece of art on your bed. Pillowcases and duvet covers are sewn from fabric pattern which are designed in a variety of images (as opposed to the usual satin with monotonous stamped print). Again, it is a very delicate material, yet surprisingly durable by its life cycle. In addition, the image that you chose to be printed on your bedding will not loose its colors or shapes, even if you wash it more that 100 times!

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