Does society make us feel guilty about the pleasure of sex and chocolate?

I have been thinking about sex recently and about the entire experience of sex. When you stop and look at modern day society, it may seem that we are at first really relaxed about sex, but I am not sure that is true. I think that we are still being made to feel guilty about enjoying sex. It is physical pleasure, and just like some people see eating chocolate as a physical pleasure, I appreciate the physical pleasure of enjoying. Gents who get in touch with us girls at 24/7 London escorts of often seem to feel the same way.


Should we feel guilty about enjoying sex? I don’t think that we should, but yet it seems to be drummed into us that sex is a very sinful pleasure and that we should not succumb to its many forms. Stop and think about it, it is very much like chocolate. For instance, you may just enjoy dark chocolate which so many people do, or you may be a milk chocolate lover. It is all up to what your taste buds fancy. Most of the time I fancy milk chocolate, but I often bring dark chocolate with me to 24/7 London escorts as it seems to give me more energy.


Do I feel guilty about eating chocolate? My mom used to make me feel guilty about eating chocolate, but I have stopped feeling like that a long time ago. But then again, she used to make me feel guilty about sex as well. I have always enjoyed sex, and from rather an early age, I was interested in sex. My mom used to say that I was a bad girl for enjoying sex, and at the same time, she used to make me feel bad about chocolate. You can perhaps see why I have such a hang up about both chocolate and sex.


However, now that I work for  24/7 London escorts I simply don’t care anymore. I know that it may seem a bit silly, but I have come to appreciate that we should not feel guilty about neither chocolate and sex. Like I say to the many fun gents that come and visit me at 24/7 London escorts, chocolate and sex seem to go hand in hand. If you enjoy one, you are bound to enjoy the other if you know what I mean.  Some would even say that sex and chocolate is the perfect combination.


Would you like to enjoy a little bit of both with me? If you do, I would love for you to come and visit at 24/7 London escorts. I am not sure about what flavor that you like, but I have lots of different flavors to choose from. You may be one of those gents who likes chocolate with nuts. I do as well, and I know exactly how to serve it up. Then of course we have chocolate with Turkish Delight. Have you ever tried that? I love it because it makes you so wonderfully sticky. Anyway, I don’t think that you should be made to feel guilty about anything else – especially sex an chocolate. So  if you are in the mood for something sweet give me a call at 24 /7 London escorts. I promise to be your sweetie pie.

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