Am I becoming a hoarder?

It all started when I started to collect charms for my necklace collection and bracelet collection. At first it was a hobby, and I enjoyed going around antique shops looking for antique jewelery. I got a kick out of it, and I soon found that I was collecting for resell. On my days away from Rochester escorts in, I started selling the jewelery, but I did hang onto the pieces that I really liked. Soon I was buying more and more jewelry boxes to keep up with my collection.


One day, when I was out and about looking for jewelery, I came across a special book which was very old. It was in one of the local charity shops here in Rochester. When I got back home, I listed the book on Ebay, and before I knew it, it sold and I had made a profit. It inspired me to take a day off from Rochester escorts and go and look for old books. I found lots of books, and my little flat soon was soon filled with different books. Yes, they sold on Ebay, but I actually found it hard to let go of some of them. It was a strange feeling.


I keep on thinking about other things that I can collect. The ultimate idea is to make money out of the my collecting, but it is this feeling of becoming fond of stuff which I can’t shake. It can be anything. I may see an old doll in a shop, and want to feel like I want to hang on to it. Sometimes I like to sell the stuff, and I must admit that I do make a profit. It is something that I can do when I leave Rochester escorts, but I need to get over this feeling that I need to keep everything. I have so much stuff at the moment that I am thinking about finding a store room. It is complete madness.


When I look at my finances, I can clearly see that I have made money. The only problem is that my collecting habit has become a bit of an obsession. It is great fun to do it, but this feeling that of not wanting to part with some stuff is a really strange one for me. I do worry about that, but I can’t keep filling up my home with different stuff that I should really be selling. The girls at Rochester escorts think that I am onto a good idea, but I need to get myself organised. It is not easy but I am pretty sure that this is something that I can get over and enjoy the rest of my life. I do worry about becoming a hoarder, and I will have to deal with that in my own way. However, it has made me think how people become hoarders in the first place. Do they start by collecting one thing, or do they collect other things as well.¬† I think that there are many different reasons people become hoarders, and sometimes¬† it is just about the pleasure of collecting.

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