6 Foods That Will Improve Your Bedroom Experience- For Men

The use of natural foods to enhance libido has been in use for centuries. While food and love do not happen in a vacuum, the art of caring and sharing also matters. The research on how food enhances sex drive is not very widespread, but evidence shows that some foods contain certain nutrients that boost libido.

Sex drive for men is a big deal; it is all about how long and how well you last in bed. While you do not expect a slice of watermelon to elicit a similar reaction to that of the blue pill, incorporating these natural foods into your diet can make your otherwise dull night exciting.


For a long time, oysters have been found to be symbolic and luxurious. Their shape, texture, taste and scent seem all things female. The way you consume oysters; by slurping, sucking and licking is evidently sexual. Oysters have a high concentration of zinc, a mineral that is crucial for testosterone production that is necessary for healthy semen. Research has also shown that oysters contain to unusual amino acids; the N-methyl-D-Aspartate and the D-aspartic acid. It also has a dose of vitamin B-12 that is known to enlarge blood vessels; which will keep you active for long. Half a dozen of oysters a day will do you good.

Black raspberries

Both the seeds and the raspberries will get you in the mood. Thus, take a handful daily to keep the fire up in your bedroom. The fruit improves both libido and endurance during sex.

Almonds and walnuts

Scientifically, almonds have been found to contain selenium, which is infertility fighting food. Thus, it can get your blood flowing efficiently considering the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. The protein-packed snack has been linked to Cybele, who was a goddess of infertility in the ancient Greece. You can pop a few of these between meals to ensure a great night.


If you want great sex, then your energy levels and libido must be at the peak. The good thing is that avocado can do both. They are filled with bouts of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, folic acid and vitamin B6 which are a libido enhancing vitamin. Vitamin E is referred to as the “sex vitamin” because of its ability to increase blood and oxygen concentrations in your nether organs.


Nutritionally, figs contain magnesium and an amino acid. Magnesium is required to produces sex hormones such as estrogen and androgen that boost libido levels. The amino acid increases production of nitric oxide, a compound that is vital in expanding your blood vessels thus increasing your flow of blood.


This summer fruit can do more than the refreshing taste you get while eating it. Research has shown that it contains a beta-carotene compound known as lycopene. The compound is known to relax the blood vessels while enhancing your sex drive. Another advantage of the fruit is that you can cut it into cubes and feed your partner; thus, strengthening your bond.

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